Click on the player above to hear chapter 17 from 9 Months in Tibet, read my me.

I’ve been posting short chapters from my Tibet book onto this blog, and recently a friend suggested I post a podcast version instead.

“But I hate the sound of my own voice,” I replied, curling up in horror at the idea of hearing myself. I’d love to do an audio book of 9 Months in Tibet but I need an actor who has a slight Scottish accent, like me, but none of the nauseating tones that come out of my mouth.

Jason persisted, reminded me how easy it was and that I could download stuff to improve sound quality. My inner critics were shouting now (“It will be shit…people will hate you even more…”). But I ignored them and eventually saw it as a challenge. I became determined to do it.

And here you have it – Chapter 17 from 9 Months in Tibet in audio/podcast version.

Technically it was really easy to do – I just talked into my little recording device for about 12 minutes – and it was much more enjoyable than I had expected. And, having faced down my own inner critics, I feel a sense of satisfaction; like a kid who has stood up to the schoolyard bully.

Will I do any more podcasts? That’s up to you.

If you listen to it please leave a comment, even one word (“Great… So-so… Crap…”) Feedback is one of the things that keeps me writing. The other is an inner drive to just do it as I have so many stories to tell.

My inclination is to curl up into a ball, feel sorry for myself and imagine the day when I get approached by a production company with a flash actor to read my story. But thinking like this is pathetic and I need to be more pro-active; and do the audio book myself.

If you’re still reading this – please leave a comment under this article. Thanks.

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