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People often ask me what I do and I have a neat answer: “I’m a writer, editor and PR consultant.” There’s a lot packed into this short statement: my aim in life is to write books but I haven’t yet worked out a way of how to make it pay; editing reports, articles, websites and books for companies and individuals helps me pay the bills; PR consultancy is where I can make some serious money and short bursts of this subsidises my writing time. I work in Romania and Britain and, within those countries, I move around a lot. I’m always on the move and have learned to work anywhere; in 2018, for example, I was living on houseboats in England and, every day, I would go and work in the nearest public library. I’m writing this in Liverpool, my favourite British city, and am about to head off to the city library which is the most impressive I’ve ever seen (I wrote an article about it called The Amazing Library of Liverpool).

My Biosphere

Sometimes I have to write a “bio” about my work experience and this gets put into bids to big outfits like the EU, who will be funding my next consultancy job in Romania (Spring of 2019). I thought you might like to see how I present myself, even though it feels strange to share a text like this written (by me) in the third person. But it does serve to answer that persistent question people ask: “what exactly do you do Rupert?”

Rupert Wolfe Murray is a freelance writer and communication expert. Graduating from Liverpool University in History and Politics, Rupert’s key skills are writing, editing, solving PR problems and project management.

After some years in journalism and humanitarian aid, Rupert ran the EU project “Improvement of the Roma Situation in Romania” – a public awareness and legislation-building project. He went on to lead one more EU project and then worked as an EU communication expert to various Romanian government agencies. For several years he worked for the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) as an editor and PR consultant. Some years later he wrote an article called Advice for the new Secretary of State for International Development (DFID).

Rupert has written several books, produced two documentary films, published hundreds of articles and has useful experience (as editor and PR adviser) in the private sector, including with a global policy-making consultancy, and with a leading British rehab (addiction treatment) clinic.

My published books

The Wind and the Castle is a fairy tale that was inspired by Hermann Hesse. It’s a love story within a love story and is set in ancient time. It was my first eBook and is quite short.

9 Months in Tibet was described by Alexander McCall Smith, who wrote the intro, as an “adventure, memoir and travel book.” He also compared it to the early books of Patrick Leigh Fermor and Laurie Lee. It was published by Scotland Street Press and I will soon be doing an eBook version.

Stephanie Wolfe Murray — a Life in Books is a short tribute to my mother who died far too early in 2017. It’s a collection of warm, funny and interesting stories by people who knew and loved her — including family and friends and some well known writers like Alasdair Gray and William Boyd.

IFOR on IFOR and The Road to Peace were two documentary books I did about the aftermath of the Bosnian war (1992-95). It’s a collection of great photos by Steve Gordon and transcripts of interviews by generals, soldiers, translators and cooks. I sold over 20,000 copies of these books and I’m glad to see their second hand price on Amazon is about £17.

I’ve also published some books that are now out of print and were never online: in Romania I published a book about regional development called Partners for Europe and in Bosnia I published two books that were effectively banned by the puritanical US Military: Bosnian for Peacekeepers, a cartoon guide; and The Bosnian Joke Book. I’m keen to get these re-published as they’re all interesting and the Bosnian ones are really funny.

My documentary films

I lived in Romania for 17 years and during that time I produced two documentary films with the Romanian filmmaker Laurentiu Calciu:

The Land is Waiting is a one-hour observational documentary about a Roma family in NE Romania. The kids break Romanian stereotypes by doing what people say Romany gypsies never do: they study and they work the land.

After the Revolution is made up of people on the streets of Bucharest, just after the 1989 revolution, talking freely for the first time in their lives; it’s a moment of pure chaos that didn’t last and they’re all talking on top of each other (about Communism, Democracy, their fear of the future).

Here’s an article about the other documentary films we made, as well as some relevant articles.


Do get in contact with me. I’d be really interested to hear from you. Best way to get me is via email on wolfemurray [at] and my phone (and WhatsApp) number is +44 (0) 747 138 1973.

Rupert Wolfe Murray
Rupert Wolfe Murray

“I define independent travel as travelling alone, for long periods, with an open mind, a sense of trust and a thirst for discovering some of the mysteries in this world.”

Rupert Wolfe Murray